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Kelly Ann’s Beauty Salon Southampton is run by Kelly Singh – Kelly from her wealth of experience offers the answers to frequently asked questions below. If you are concerned or have any further questions which are not offer in the below, please feel free to call or contact Kelly. Click here to send a message through the website.

Do eyelash extensions make your natural lashes fall out?
Eyelash extensions do not make your lashes fall out.  Your lashes go through a life cycle on average of between 60 – 90 days and they all grow individually at different stages losing on average 1 – 3 lashes per day.  You are more aware of the lashes coming out when you have the extensions purely because your lashes are more noticeable.

When my eyelash extensions came out, my natural lashes came with them, should this happen?
Some people worry when they see an eyelash extension come out with one of their natural eyelashes attached to it.  Eyelash extensions are designed to stay on your lashes until your natural lash falls out, so when you see an extension come out with one of you lashes on it, don’t worry that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen, unless of course  you catch the extension and pull it out prematurely.

Why does one eye lose more than the other eye?
Usually because this is the side you sleep on and cannot be helped as they will rub against your pillow in your sleep, unless you can sleep on your back or adjust your pillow this will always be the case but do not worry this is normal.

Why do my natural eyelashes look shorter than before when I stopped having eyelash extensions?
You have been used to having eyelash extensions more than likely 2-3 times the length and double the thickness of your natural eyelash so when you don’t have them, it’s always going to make your natural lashes appear much shorter than before.

In some cases if you continue having eyelash extensions for a long time and you have a thicker extension than your own eyelashes, the weight of the extension may encourage your individual lashes to come out slightly earlier than they would without the extension.  Which in effect reduces your lash cycle slightly.  So for example if you have an 8 week cycle this may be reduced to a 7 week cycle.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t damage the actual lashes, and they will grow back to the same length as before if you stop having the extensions.  If you like to wear extensions for long periods of time an eyelash serum is a must to keep your eyelashes conditioned as like the hair on your head the eyelashes are still hair and need to be conditioned if they are having regular treatments.

Are lash extensions put on every single lash?
Yes unless the eyelash is a baby lash as this can cause damage if the lash is too young to take the weight.  I tend to work with the natural lash cycle so when you come back for in fills your baby lashes would have grown longer and healthier ready for the new extension, your old lash would have fallen out and a new baby starting to grow in its place.

Is there anything I can use to keep my eyelashes in good condition while I’m wearing eyelash extensions?
Yes there eyelash serums on the market that will help strengthen and grow the lashes, however, you will need to use one that’s oil free, and it really needs to be one that you paint on at the base of the lashes on the skin, not the lashes.  We stock eyelash serum that is suitable and proven to work.  There is also a glaze available that will give your extensions a nice gloss and help to keep them in place.

Are eyelash extensions suitable for holidays?
Yes they can take extreme temperatures and are ideal for holidays.

Will I need mascara?
Most definately not, in fact mascara will ruin the extensions and is to be avoided as is any oil based products eg cleansers, toners, moisturisers, all products need to be oil free as oil will loosen the bonding agent and your extensions will fall out prematurely.  I recommend the simple range to my clients as I know this is oil free.

Can I swim and use sauna’s and steam rooms?
Yes you can as the eyelash extensions are very durable and can take extreme temperatures although they will probably need more frequent infills if you were to do these activities on a regular basis.

What is the aftercare?
As answered in the other questions you will need to stay away from any oil based products and mascara.  You will be given a disposal mascara wand to brush your extensions daily to keep them looking neat and tidy.  You will be advised to purchase a serum especially if you will be wanting to wear them long term and this will need to be applied daily.