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Our highly skilled makeup artists will put you at ease and make sure you have the best possible experience whether you’re the bride, bridesmaids or just for a big night out.

We use various brands including Mac, Bobby Brown, Revolution and many more.

You can accompany your make up with either strip lashes, party lashes or express lashes.

Strip lashes will last for the night and can be peeled off right after your event. We have two ranges of strip lashes to choose from. The Gemstone range for the more dramatic look and the flower range for the more natural look. They can be used multiple times if taken care of as they are high quality 100% mink lashes. You can see our ranges in our online shop.

Party lashes will last 3-5 days and are bonded using a stronger adhesive, which you will have to have professionally removed.  Removal is included in the price.


Full Face – £30

Full Face with Strip Lashes – £40

Full Face with Party Lashes – £55

Full Face with Classic Express Lashes – £65

Full Face with Volume Express Lashes – £85

Bridal Makeup Prices

Bride Trial – £30

Makeup on the day – £50

Adult Bridesmaid – £40

Classic Express Lashes

Classic Express are designed to last 2 weeks and is bonded using a stronger adhesive, which you will have to have professionally removed after 2 weeks.

Removal is included in the price.

Volume Express Lashes

Volume Express Lashes are a fuller more glamourous longer lasting effect.  You can have this treatment infilled on twice before having removed due to the style of application.  As with the other eyelash treatments if you are not having these infilled the removal will be included in the price.

For both express classic and express volume eyelashes, you can take a look in our gallery for pictures to see the look & style of what we can offer or have a look at our Instagram account @kellyannsbeautysalon